What is Reboot Your Booty?

I’m done with watching women struggle with their health and their energy. I’m sick of fad diet after fad diet, weight loss spam, and health information overload. I’m here to revolutionize health in a holistic way, from the inside out and I can’t do it without YOU.

Reboot Your Booty is an online natural cleanse experience for women (and super cool fellas) who not only want to look and feel great, but want to have energy and clarity to play big in the world. My specialty is cultivating the inner compass… aka intuition by creating a cleanse for the body, mind, spirit, and personal ecosystem.

I’ve taken the best from nutrition school and medical and holistic health experts and combined it for an amazing, fun and fully customizable experience.  I believe in the concept of bioindividuality- we each are completely unique and there is no “one way” to eat and be healthy that is perfect for everyone.

After working with tons of women I’ve discovered a dirty secret. Women are not being told the truth about self-care that results in optimal sensuality, beauty, vibrancy, and energy. There’s plenty of extreme experiences that get temporary results, but when it comes down to actual sustainability and a gentle, fun way to get results – there’s been a black hole.

Not anymore.

And who am I anyway?

I’m Tracy Lee Jones, and you can read  my fancy-pants bio below. (You can tell that it’s fancy-pants because it’s written in third person, the true hallmark of fanciness.)

Tracy Lee Jones has helped women from all over the country accelerate their health, cultivate their intuition, reconnect with their bodies, transform their lives and Reboot their Booty.

She is a certified Holistic Health Counselor and is personally mentored by Dr. Richard DeAndrea, a medical doctor and naturopath who’s work has been featured on Lifetime Television, CNN, and CBS: 48 hours.

As a guide, speaker, writer, and lover of learning, Tracy has defied conventional wisdom and has pursued passions across a multitude of self development modalities to integrate the best experiences possible for juicy living.

Tracy resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, swapping between life on a houseboat and a mountaintop. When she’s not working you can usually find her enjoying nature, shaking her booty, checking out the farmers market, practicing yoga, or reflecting on dreams..